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Discover the importance of specialized diabetic foot care with Dr. Patrick Burge at Lakewood Foot and Ankle Specialists in the Lakewood area of Dallas, Texas.

The Critical Need for Diabetic Foot Care in Lakewood, Dallas, TX

Diabetes, a condition affecting millions, requires diligent management, particularly when it comes to foot health. In the Lakewood area of Dallas, Texas, Dr. Patrick Burge and the team at Lakewood Foot and Ankle Specialists offer comprehensive diabetic foot care services vital for maintaining overall health and preventing serious complications.

Why Diabetic Foot Care is Vital

Diabetes impacts the body’s ability to process glucose effectively, which can lead to significant health issues, including problems with circulation and nerve function. These issues make diabetics particularly susceptible to foot injuries, which they may not feel due to nerve damage. Poor circulation can also hinder healing, increasing the risk of infection and other severe complications.

What to Expect During Diabetic Foot Care Visits

Regular podiatric visits, at least annually, are essential for those with diabetes. Dr. Burge conducts thorough examinations to identify any signs of tissue damage and offers guidance on effective at-home foot care. In cases of foot sores or wounds, professional wound care becomes crucial. Dr. Burge specializes in wound cleaning, dressing, and advanced techniques like wound grafting using stem cells, significantly reducing the risk of amputation and promoting healing.

At-Home Diabetic Foot Care Tips

Effective home care is a critical component of diabetic foot health:

  • Daily Foot Checks: Regular self-examinations help spot injuries early. Look for any skin disruptions and address them immediately.
  • Proper Foot Hygiene: Wash your feet daily with warm water and mild soap, drying them thoroughly but gently. Moisturize regularly, avoiding the spaces between toes.
  • Protective Footwear: Invest in diabetic shoes to minimize ulcer risk and always wear socks, even indoors, to prevent injuries.
  • Prompt Attention to Wounds: Clean any wounds with antibiotic ointment and bandage them. If there’s no improvement in a couple of days, contact Dr. Burge for professional care.

Schedule Your Diabetic Foot Care Visit

Don’t overlook the importance of specialized foot care if you’re living with diabetes. Regular check-ups with Dr. Burge can keep your feet healthy and prevent complications that could lead to severe outcomes like amputation. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact Lakewood Foot and Ankle Specialists today, either online or by phone.

I love Dr. McClurkin and Dr. Burge! Everyone is so helpful and they really know what they're doing. I will definitely see them again!
I have plantar fasciitis in both feet and suffered with pain on and off for many years. After trying another round of steroids with little improvement (this time the left foot was the culprit of my pain), Dr. Burge suggested I try their Lunula Laser. I must say I was skeptical at something for which I didn't see or feel anything during treatment. After completing the 6th round I realized I was not feeling the stabbing pain in my heel, that I had used my water socks and been at the pool with no pain afterwards, and I had worn my dressy sandals all weekend long and not complained of pain in my left foot at all! Now, that was a huge success for me! My right foot is acting up a bit now. I know what to do this time. No more steroids! It will be Lunula Laser for me!
Thank you for your excellent care. 🙏🏾💜
Dr Burge does a fantastic job especially with wound care and the office staff are super nice!
Dr. Burge is an amazing provider! I would refer all my friends and family to his office! ❤❤
Dr.Burge and his team are amazing!! I came in with an issue with my toe and he gave me a quick and simple solution. Dr. Burge's bedside manner is incredible, he is patient and takes the time to thoroughly explain his findings. I'd highly recommend him to anyone!
Dr. Burge has an exceptional bedside manner and is an excellent surgeon!
I was referred from a friend who had dr Burge help with his diabetic foot ulcer. My son came in for an ingrown toenail and we could not have been happier with the experience. The staff was fantastic, super friendly and very helpful. Dr burge is a younger guy related well to my teenage son and was very clear in his explanation of what was going on and how the procedure would progress.We would highly recommend him and his office as a great place to go.
UNFORTUNATELY broke my toe multiple times in the same year. FORTUNATELY I found Dr Burge. One of the kindest doctors I've ever met and such an efficient office. I never had to wait more than 5-10 minutes to be seen. I think my toe kept breaking because it liked him that much!
I can’t say enough about dr burge. His bedside manner is something I crave in every interaction I have. My foot could scare a grown man, and he made me feel like I could be a foot model. His attention to detail and gentle touch will never be forgotten.
Dr. Burge treated my ankle pain and it has not returned.
Excellent definitely Foot and Ankle Specialists, will go here for all of my lower extremity issues!
The front office staff was very friendly. Lulu gave great advice when making the appointment, which put me at ease. Dr Burge is very professional and kind. I will definitely return to this office.
I can’t say enough good things about this office! Not an appointment you want to have to make, but they make the experience so much better! Professional, friendly, knowledgeable and they truly care about you.
Absolutely an amazing doctor and staff! Top Doc!
Great experience from the moment I walked into this clinic, Lulu greeted me and was really patient about answering all my questions.
Lulu was so kind and the place was fast and efficient!
The wait time is quick and staff is kind
Dr.Burge was kind and professional!! And very knowledgeable staff
Had a great appointment with Dr. Burge! He is very patient & knowledgeable and I did not feel rushed at all. He took time to address the issues I was having & was able to correct them while I was there!
In and out. Very thorough. The Dr. Is very nice and explains everything in detail. Respects his patients. The other staff including front desk are all very kind and courteous.
Friendly staff
Great office staff. And I like that the doctor is never to busy t[ answer all your questions.
Great service, Wonderful doctor, and Superb staff. I can't express how great of care Lakewood Foot and Ankle Special done for me. Awesome 👌 work!!!!
I was pleasantly surprised with Dr.Burge's professional manner and would recommend him to anyone who needs a Podiatrist. Very knowledgeable on every level.
THE Best Podiatrist in this 5 mile radius of town (White Rock Lake)! No one comes close to Dr. Burge.He takes the time to answer your questions and actually cares about his patients. An expert in bunion surgery, trauma AND wound care! 🤘🏼

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